Donate Today....


Please consider donating. I can come pick up at your home/work or you can leave on my doorstep. I am also going to set up a donation day.

I will accept...

Laptops (Macs or PC)

Desk tops/Towers

Thumb drives




Computer Wires

Computer paper

Laptop Bags

Huge Thanks for Donating...

JDogs Junk Removal & Hauling for their monthly donations.

Check them out at

Valerie Arends for multiple donations from clients.

Professional Organizer 817 455-6714



Bill & Patti Merryman from Primrose School of Keller.



Thanks to Friends & Family who have donated. I could have done it without your help!

Howard & Johnnie Ruth Rogillio, Debbie & Peter Moenickheim, Eric & Sonia Alstrin, Dana Sandler,

Tim & Cadie Connors, Eric & Gracie Packwood, Pegeen Webb, Sandee Sidener, 

Mariann & Ron Flores, Dennis & Marla Traynor, Robert & Deena Steiber, Dr Barrie Spencer, 

Curtis & Jan HarveyScott Herrin, Adam Pepers, Heidi & Mike Lusky, Linda Beaton, Amy & Kevin Davis,

 Ashley & Terry Simonton, Lisa & Brett Johnson, Greg Ballog, Michelle Jackson, Ashley & Terry Hartzog, 

LuAnn & Dennis Kime, Jeff & Gayla Denniston, Andrea Metz, Matthew Jung, Eric Brandsen

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Future Ideas

Microsoft Windows

I hope to figure out a way to install Micorsoft office on each computer. I plan to inquire directly with Microsoft if there is any type of discount.

Teach Basic Computer Class

Most people know a lot about technology but many don't know the basics. I want teach the individuals about their computer once they receive it.

Teach Classes

I want to set up a Microsoft Classes that anyone can attend. It would be a fundraiser for my non-profit. Revenue would help buy needed parts (ex: rams to speed up the old computer).

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Harry's cell

T: 1-404-862-7387